I’m really excited to hit the publish button on this post and bring Current to life for the Nolin Lake community.

This is a project that has been in the works for over two years. Essentially, I felt like the community deserved a hub to find info about community events, to find trusted resources for contractors, etc. There are numerous Facebook groups that have been working to patch the information together. With the launching of Current, this website will serve as a hub of information which will also be supplemented with an email newsletter. With the full ambition to eventually print two to three physical magazines each year.

The Current name was selected for its dual meaning. As a connection to the river and lake that we get to enjoy and as a nod to providing current events and information.

Though some people do call Nolin their full time home, others regularly travel from Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and of course other parts of Kentucky to soak up her beauty. The internet provides a fantastic tool for connecting people and I’m excited to take that a step further and help collect, curate, and share information with the community.

Scott Hack
Current At Nolin Lake, Publisher